Joining the bots – article about Dorsum at the Fintech Finance magazine

We are very honored that Fintech Finance featured our story about our chatbot platform, Botboarding in their summer edition of the magazine, which summarizes all the FinTech industries most important news. Fintech Finance works with renowned executives in the industry to provide key decision-makers globally within leading financial services organizations with reliable and accurate intelligence on emerging trends and breakthrough technologies, helping them to make informed decisions. The article reveals what happened after our earlier this year success at Finovate, what we have learnt since and what’s ahead of us. As Imre Rokob, Director of Business Development said in the interview: “We have received more than 50 inquiries from different banks and providers for our product, Botboarding. However, we’re determined not to let our triumphs go to our heads; there’s so much potential in this technology, and we need to stay focused on tuning it to achieve maximum effectiveness. We intend to experiment with different levels of chatbot personalization, intelligence and proactivity”. If you are interested in the topic, the whole article can be read here.

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