With the launch of a mobile app next year, C Hoare & Co – as the most senior private bank of the UK – will enter into the digital word.


More than three-hundred years had to elapse from the foundation of the bank in 1672 to launch its own mobile app. Centuries ago, whith Lord Byron and Jane Austen among their clients, they established a top-nothc private banking service in order to meet with the expecation of that age. Learning from the challenges of the past, now they „modernise 300 years of working practices” and follow those ones which are posed by the modern age.– said by Alexander Hoare, partner of the bank.

Today private banks have to face booming competition from a new type of investment opportunities namley the online financial advisors who are offering faster and more convenient digital services than the traditional investment services and on lower fees.

This is another great example that wealth management digitalization is slow but at the same time – unstoppable.

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