Can you place more trust in a robot than a real person?


There is no question that computers make our lives better and easier. These smart machines help us in our everyday life eg.: build cars, perform surgery or just simply clean our houses with a little or no human intervention. Are these gizmos just clever computer programs or artificial intelligence equipped robots with or without physical body?

In several sci-fi movies robots are shown in the service of humans. You imagine human-like machines that help you in any part of your life. But robots are already here. Probably now you’re thinking about your hoover, your automatic lawn mower, the search engine bots or maybe some high-tech shows where a robot serves tea but can they manage our finances? The answer is yes.

Non-human controlled software with some artificial consciousness can serve us in the area of finance also. We call them Roboadvisors. Do you think that suggestions made by a roboadvisor are more or less reliable than the advice given by a real person in the branch?

Roboadvisors Vs. Live Financial Advisors: Which Option Is Best For You?