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Redefining your Wealth Management approach for maximum success

Companies that deal with wealthy people need to operate a powerful Wealth Management system which is based on trustworthy software solutions. The customer focused approach is one of the most important preconditions of innovative portfolio analysis. Effective portfolio management tools and the latest technology are required to satisfy all the needs of the advisory network and their demanding clientele.

An effective Wealth Management software product must be able to grant all Investment services providers a robust solution with rich functionalities and high level of usability. The ultimate goal is to reach the maximum operational efficiency with simultaneous personalised services and outstanding offers to clients.

The Dorsum Wealth Management software family is ready for these challenges with seamless and fast integration into any existing infrastructure.


Your Wealth Management Business
  • Get a complete customer view in one system
  • Increase the efficiency of your advisory network
  • Manage investments, performance, risks & KPIs
  • Setup and follow your model portfolios
  • Build a MiFID2 compliant advisory process
  • Link to your existing legacy systems
  • Onboard your future customers
  • Digitally serve your customer on a face2face meeting
  • get interactive investment calculators and do risk profiling
  • Present your company and investment strategies
  • Unified communication in your entire advisory network
  • Future product under development
  • Provide a wealth management mobile app to your customers
  • hybrid advice and instant response
  • instant portfolio access at any time and from anywhere
  • investment goals tracking on smartphone
  • Interact regularly with tech savvy customers via mobile app

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Wealth Management Platform

  • 360 degree customer and family portfolio overview
  • Model portfolios management and rebalancing
  • PL, yield calculation + product sheet
  • Alert engine
  • Dashboards, Advisor views, heat maps
  • Automated advisory workflow and document generation
  • "MiFID 2
  • Suitability and appropriateness tests
  • Defining and reviewing investment objectives
  • Reporting on fees and continuing inducements"
  • API to legacy systems
  • KPI tracking and MIS reporting (optional)
  • Access from 3rd party internet banks (optional)
  • Market data dashboard (integration to real time data provider) (optional)

Client Acquisition Tool

  • Company and service presentation
  • Introduce your model portfolios, asset allocation
  • Central content management
  • Onboarding support
  • Client risk profiling, MiFID test
  • Simple and Dual tablet mode, customer involvement
  • Interactive wealth calculators
  • 3rd party portfolio report presentation (optional)

Virtual Advice

  • Future product under development
  • Provide instant portfolio access (IOS, Android)
  • Personal goals tracking
  • Send regular custom advice
  • Advice statistics
  • Advice generator and editor

Why Dorsum?


we have over 20 years experience in financial software development


expert knowledge in delivering integrated projects


we define innovation trends and supply up-to-date products


our application meets MIFID trading requirements


clients get a clear and simple user interface


long term cooperation with our clients

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