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The ClavisRealEstate system was developed to support real estate fund management and the BackOffice activity of custodian bank departments controlling real estate funds. The product guarantees a detailed registration of real estates, calculates the net asset value of the funds and fulfils the reporting, limit checking and accounting obligations as well.

main features iconMain Features

  • Real estate’s registers
  • Net Asset Value calculation
  • Expense and revenue transaction
  • Passive and active accruals for NAV calculation
  • Accounts in any currencies
  • Warning reports (expiring contracts, unpaired accounts, large client debts)
  • The built-in credit module
  • Limit checking (legal and internal limits)
  • Import of security transactions from trading systems

nagyito-ikon-130Key Benefits

  • Registration of real estates and related contracts
  • Management of customer and supplier accounts
  • Management of mandatory reports (FSA, National Bank, etc.).
  • Management of obligatory and internal limits
  • Contracts management (buy, sell real estates, renting, utilities, etc.)
  • Itemized registration of VAT claims/liabilities and the follow-up of the VAT reports
  • File-based transaction and other data export and import to or from external systems (e.g. FM system, invoicing, accounting system).
  • Periodic closing processes (daily, monthly closing procedures).

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