Dorsum products are flexible

We are proud to offer sophisticated and capable trading tools that assist financial professionals pursue their goals with confidence. Our advanced developments are aimed at mobile and online banking, brokering and private banking management on a unified software platform, keeping pace with the business and technology challenges of our clients.

Wealth Management


It is a new generation front-to-mid Wealth Management platform that provides all essential functionalities with high level user experience to run a prosperous Wealth Management business. Our state of the art software is designed for financial institutions that offer services to wealthy people and wish to have an efficient advisory network with strong customer engagement while staying compliant with regulations.

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It is a tablet native presentation, advisory and client acquisition engine that combines the exclusivity of premium quality printed brochures with the interactivity of customer specific financial planning. Our software helps you maximize the onboarding and sales efficiency of your advisor network with vivid presentations and instant investment recommendations. It complements personal communication and guarantees a remarkable customer experience on a face-to-face meeting.

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Retail Brokerage


ClavisTrader application gets you and your clients into business straight away. With real time market data and news ClavisTrader is showing you relevant insights by leveraging mobile across all stages of the trading proccess. An array of onboarding resources and functionalities delivered to support decision making and staying connected to the market wherever you are.

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ClavisHome online brokerage solution unlocks the door to accurate and comprehensive overview of your clients’ portfolio. The large variety of web based features of ClavisHome enable you to make quick and informed investing decisions and execute trades 24 hours a day, delivering you complete control over your entire trading experience.

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Professional Trading


ClavisFront electronic trading platform quickly tells you where things are happening that you should pay attention to. Flexible screen layouts with real-time prices, integrated news and advanced charting capabilities help you and your clients to respond to market changes immediately to seize new business opportunities.

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ClavisExchangeTrader is a multi-market trading solution combining flexible user interface (UI) containing powerful features for real-time market data and electronic trading with direct exchange connectivity, rapid setup and easy maintenance. Dorsum, teaming up with leading technology supplier Infront, ensures that your evolving trading needs are answered the most efficient way.

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Other Products


ClavisAsset is a software system optimized to asset and portfolio management of fund management companies and insurance companies. It provides front, risk management and back office functions.


The ClavisBank product has treasury functions of full value and the related web-based branch security trading supporting system, it is appropriate for credit institutes.


A software system for supporting the back office activities of security distribution for creditor institutes, investment intermediary. The system has a web based branch network extension.


ClavisFactoring integrated software system supports managing and operating activity of companies dealing with continuous pre-financing, purchase and management of expired and unexpired claims derived from supplying products and providing services.


The ClavisPension product supports the daily operation of pension funds with back office, asset management, limit monitoring and risk management functionalities and reports.


The ClavisRealEstate system supports back office activity of real estate fund management companies and custody departments controlling real estate funds.

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