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Robo-advisory is unstoppable

The Spanish BBVA bank has been well known in the banking sector for a long time as a digital savvy player. As the most recent proof of that reputation, they announced a partnership with FutureAdvisor on Tuesday, 12 January 2016, where the bank will soon introduce its own automated investment advice software and their clients can start investment management based […]

Futurism in Wealth Management

From time to time topics are emerging about what we expect in the future, what the trend will be, where the world is heading to, what the next huge hit will be in a particular area. The story is the same in the field of Wealth Management where today the highly proclaimed topic is digitalization.

The mass affluent focus

The mass affluent segment (US$250k–US$1m in financial assets) possesses quite significant wealth. An EY study – Advice goes virtual – reports they hold about US$7t of wealth which is larger than the assets held by mass (< US$250k) and the UHNWI (> US$10m) segment, however it means almost three time more households (14m HH) than the richest two segment in […]

Digitalization of the rich

Because of the spread of digital technologies and smart devices it is unquestionable that digital wealth management solutions are playing an increasingly important role. It means that companies who offer financial advisory services need to get their tools to match or exceed the desired level of the customers’ expectations.

With the launch of a mobile app next year, C Hoare & Co – as the most senior private bank of the UK – will enter into the digital word.

More than three-hundred years had to elapse from the foundation of the bank in 1672 to launch its own mobile app. Centuries ago, whith Lord Byron and Jane Austen among their clients, they established a top-nothc private banking service in order to meet with the expecation of that age. Learning from the challenges of the past, now they „modernise 300 […]

Can you place more trust in a robot than a real person?

There is no question that computers make our lives better and easier. These smart machines help us in our everyday life eg.: build cars, perform surgery or just simply clean our houses with a little or no human intervention. Are these gizmos just clever computer programs or artificial intelligence equipped robots with or without physical body? […]

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